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Subtitles and SDH Subtitles

SDH subtitles are subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

What Are Subtitles?

Subtitles are usually derived from a transcript of a video, whether it is a film, conference, training video, or informative video. Sometimes they are used to translate a video from a foreign film or video. Often same-language subtitles and captions are produced primarily with the deaf and hard of hearing in mind; many hearing film and television viewers choose to use them. This is often done because the presence of closed captioning and subtitles ensures that not one word of dialogue will be missed.

What Are SDH Subtitles?

Subtitles for the deaf or hard-of-hearing (SDH) is an American term the DVD industry introduced. It refers to regular subtitles in the original language where important non-dialog information has been added, as well as speaker identification, to help the deaf or hear of hearing viewer tell who is saying what.

How Subtitles Work

Subtitles are available in two forms: open subtitles, which cannot be turned off by the viewer, and closed subtitles, which are designed to be turned off or on by the viewer. Open subtitles are widely used for displays at large expo events, museum displays, or any place that sound is either not an option, or it would be difficult to hear because of background noise. Closed subtitles also offer options to change the font size and style so they can be customized to the viewer's preference. These subtitles are on separate video frames that are overlaid on the original video stream while playing. Subtitles on DVDs and Blu-ray discs are most often subtitles that can be turned off, and the viewer can change the fonts to their preference.

What Can Be Subtitled?

Just about any video or motions slide show can be subtitled to industry standard or specifications. Social media videos often play in the background of news feeds without sound. By adding visible subtitles your message is read as it plays. I know I just can't help from reading the text on the video, which often results in replaying your video with sound as to not miss anything, because it was a great video. Without the subtitles being visible many people just keep scrolling past. The end result of not adding subtitles to social media videos is your videos, as great as they might be are often missed by potential customers. Advertising through subtitles is a great resource that is often overlooked. Videos with subtitles get noticed, and increase your viewership.

Files Types That Can Be Subtitled

Any type of video file (movie) can be subtitled, whether it's a short 10 second commercial that airs on the Internet, a full length movie, or a series that consists of several parts. Let our staff help you determine whether subtitles, SDH subtitles, or closed captioning is right for your video project.

Options Impact Media Offers

Our company offers options for plain subtitles or SDH subtitles, along with options for different languages. Another option that we offer is always on subtitles, which are fantastic for videos put on social media networks, where videos automatically play in the background, because the sound is muted unless the user turns in on. When you have subtitles that are always on your audience sees your video message, whether they have the sound turned on or not. Do not miss out on potential viewers, by not having subtitles.

A Variety of Services
Impact Media Broadcast Captioning

Broadcast Captioning

We specialize in captioning TV programming, and have the capability to caption any broadcast video file. Our services also include file conversions to the television station's specifications, and uploaded to the stations ftp, or if needed we will master your TV show to tape. We serve many ministries, universities television stations, producers, and media companies; we look forward to serving you too.

Impact Media Web Captioning

Closed Captioning for the Web

Let all of your videos be heard with adding closed captioning to all your web videos including YouTube. Did you know that if your video airs on broadcast television, and is also available for viewing on the internet then according the FCC rules for closed captioning, your video must be closed captioned on the web too. Rules and regulations aside, there are other reasons for captioning web videos, and they fall into the category off accessibility.

Words with Sound Effects

Subtitles and SDH Subtitles

We provide subtitles for movies and videos, whether they are for Blu-ray, DVD, Internet, or displays. SDH - Subtitles for Deaf & Hard of Hearing with closed captioning format to include sound effects. This option affords the flexibility of subtitles with the advantage of closed captioning, and gives more options for the viewer to change the font size, color, and display features that are often not available with closed captions.